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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Travel today was good. I started in Worcester Massachusetts and I made it to Syracuse New York. I stopped along the way and took some pictures in this old blue-collar working-class town called Amsterdam.

I saw it from the highway. There were a lot of old mills that were abandoned, so I knew I had to go.

As I drove around the mills I came across this girl that was just sitting on a wall. I stopped to chat with her about the town and the old abandoned buildings. Her name was Bruni.

Bruni is 25 and she just moved to the area with her family. She was easy to talk to. We had a lot of the same opinions about Covid and Politics.

She is an artist and she showed me some of her work and I showed her some of my photography.

We sat on the wall for about 45 minutes talking and telling each other stories. She is a religious girl from the Dominican Republic. She was smoking a little weed. Bruni thinks outside the box and she doesn’t subscribe to all the Norman rhetoric that most people do. She is an artist and she has a very artistic quality about her. I was glad I met her. She made my day. I am so grateful to be able to travel and to meet people like Bruni.

Afterward, I went to this great park along the river and I threw the ball for Axl. He is such a good travel buddy, he needs daily exercise. Then I drove to Syracuse and found a 24-hour Planet fitness and I took a shower.

I love to explore old buildings in old towns. I am so glad I took the exit to the town of Amsterdam.

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