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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Today was a low key day. I did a lot of work on the journal and with my Photography.

I also did some general Housekeeping on the van. Sweeping, dusting, and cleaning out the fridge.

I was told about a street that I should visit called Hertel Ave. I was told about murals that are painted on a lot of the walls in the area.

I loved the area, the paintings were amazing. There were a lot of dog friendly shops and Axl mad an impression on a lot of people.

I really enjoyed walking around the area and exploring the different shops.

In the afternoon I went to Walmart looking for some tie dye shirts but I didn’t find anything that I liked. I also went to Home Depot to do some work on the outside of the van. I replaced the broken backup camera with a new one. I like to complete projects at Home Depot or Lowes in case I need any tools or nuts and bolts to complete the job. This decision turned out to be a good idea because I needed some nuts and bolts to complete the job.

After successfully completing the project I went to Anchor Bar to get the Original Buffalo Wings for dinner. I slept in a Walmart parking lot overnight.

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