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He Sold His Soul

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

While traveling in beautiful Costa Rica my journeys took me to the small, oceanfront village of Quepos. As I wandered through the colorful, vibrant town I could smell the ocean air throughout the entire village.

As usual, I had my camera with me and my lens was taking in all the rich colors and warm hospitality that this small Costa Rican town had to offer.

I came across this homeless man who had no shirt on and he had a great big smile. he had a baseball cap on backward and his facial hair was messy and grey. His skin was dark from the hot Quepos sun. He asked me for money. I told him I would give him money if he let me take his picture. Much to my surprise he refused my offer and told me that if I took his picture that I would Steal his Soul. I respected him and I continued to walk the streets of the town taking in all the culture and beauty. As I followed the streets taking pictures I stopped for a bite to eat and a coffee in a local establishment. When I was done I continued to take in the sights. I came upon the homeless man once again. As he approached me with a smile on his face he asked me if I would take his picture for 1 Colon. I was apprehensive at first and I asked him if he was sure? He replied with a confident "Si". I took a few photos of the man. The photos caught the spirit of this man. His rich dark skin tone and his semi-toothless smile made it easy to take photos of him. I offered him 1 colon for his time and for the opportunity to take a few shots of him. As I walked away I realized that 1 colon was equal to about .18 cents in American Dollars. I was saddened and I felt bad because I realized that the man sold his soul to me for .18 cents.

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